The Indiana Undocumented Youth Alliance, Inc. (IUYA), is a youth-led 501(c)3 non-profit agency committed to empowering undocumented youth to achieve high levels of education, influence public policy, and overall improve the quality of life of undocumented communities in the state of Indiana. Our organization was established in 2011 after our founders held a peaceful sit-in at former Governor Mitch Daniels’ office asking to veto bills HEA 1402 and SEA 590.

We are dedicated to empower and support undocumented youth to achieve a full membership in this society. In order to become such organization, we work to gather economic resources, develop partnerships and identify valuable information to share with undocumented individuals and their families. Along with serving our community, IUYA also works to influence the design of public policy at the local, state and federal levels to radically improve the status of undocumented individuals across the United States and in the State of Indiana.